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Ben-Solutions offers uncompromising services as Joomla Development Company. With the extended professional skill set that is united with a wide array of knowledge applicable to every small and medium enterprise at Joomla Development Company, we expand your business opportunities with valuable Joomla development.

Joomla! is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for web content publishing. Written in PHP, it uses object-oriented programming (OOP) that works independently as CMS. Ever since its release in 2005, the popularity has been growing and now Joomla! holds second place after WordPress. As of 2016, Joomla! has been downloaded for 81 million times and it’s consistently searched CMS on the Internet.

While there have been many versions of its primary version of 1.0 in 2005, the latest version Joomla! 3.7 is currently in use. It contains –

  • Custom Fields
  • Improved Workflow
  • Multilingual Associations Manager
  • Backend Menu Manager
  • Improved update system
  • Cache systems
  • Package / extension management
  • UX improvements

Benefits of  Using Joomla & Joomla Web Development

  • Joomla is greatly in use for CMS and valuable for building web portals and applications.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Supports different languages and enables users to choose their language.
  • Works dedicatedly for websites.
  • Enables in expanding the scope of websites.
  • Easy process for setting on the server.
  • Does not require coding or programming skills for website operations.
  • Plug-ins and extensions offer benefits for operations of the website.


How we offer Joomla Development Services

From the stage of identification of your needs to the final stage of CMS delivery, Benayah Solutions takes complete care of your business requirements and ideas. We listen to your point-of-discussion before we start off to work on solutions. Our Joomla technical team have worked on many projects and carry in-depth knowledge and expertise to analyze and examine for final output.  We tune our mode-of-operations with emerging and latest updates in Joomla CMS.

We stand uniquely competitive and endeavor to the fullest of our talents towards excellence and satisfying our clients. In any given scenario, we excel and perform exceedingly well offering professionally specialized services.  We undertake the following tasks.

  • Joomla CMS Development.
  • Customized Joomla Development.
  • Component Development.
  • Customization of Themes.
  • Template Development.
  • Website Development.


Why Choose our Joomla Development Services?

Ben-solutions has a professional accord in Joomla development and our team has widely applicable knowledge. Our solutions are not limited to large enterprises, but we collaborate with small business owners who need Joomla for their business functions. We have worked on several Joomla projects and provided our services both in India and abroad for various fields of businesses. The highlights of our services are:

  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced technical team.
  • Thorough expertise in undertaking any project.
  • Identifying the needs of a business from the perspective of Joomla development.
  • Achieving the goals of business successfully.
  • Implementing the Joomla fully functional and operational for a business.
  • Offering 24/7 customer service and support.
  • Ready to undertake developing customized requirements.
  • Capable of fixing errors and issues.
  • Demonstrate cordial customer relationship.

Our Joomla Development Team’s Technical Skills

Not just limited to theory, but our team of Joomla developers is capable of driving through various stages of Joomla development. Their work modules are strategical and carry excellent planning with charts and checklists.

Our team of developers has to sound practical skills in the following areas:

Website Development

  • SEO
  • Writing
  • HTML
  • Basic Joomla knowledge
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Admin Tools
  • Firewalls
  • Javascript


Joomla Template Development

  • Customizing themes and templates (HTML5 and CSS3).
  • Content Management System.
  • Web-based apps and services.
  • Server environment.
  • Marketing.
  • Website development.
  • Product catalogues.
  • E-commerce systems integration.
  • Inventory control and Data reporting tools.
  • Communication tools.
  • Reservation systems.



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