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AngularJS Development Company


AngularJS Development

Ben-Solutions is known for providing reliable AngularJS consulting and development services to clients around the world. As an AngularJS trustworthy development company specializing in creating high-quality browser-based applications, our expert AngularJS developers are familiar with all the features of the framework. Our team at AngularJS Development Company is able to create attractive and readable applications with a fast time to market. No doubt, to declare static documents, HTML is great. However, when we use HTML to declare dynamic views in web applications, we hesitate. Even other frameworks cannot solve the root problem that HTML is not intended for dynamic views. Luckily, AngularJS allows you to expand HTML vocabulary for your web application, providing an environment that is extraordinarily expressive and fast to develop.

We are an AngularJS development Company

Welcome to Ben-Solutions. We are the first to adopt and now the veterans of the latest, largest and most rapidly adopted front-end technology of this decade. We are an AngularJS development company in India based on Angular 4.0 and providing AngularJS development services worldwide for more than half a decade.

Ben-Solutions is dedicated to providing web development services of the best quality using AngularJS. Our group of experts has a deep knowledge and extensive experience to build dynamic applications that use contemporary technology as we know the best practices to release the power of AngularJS.


A look at some of our work using AngularJS

Ben-Solutions is one of the first IT development companies that incorporates Angularjs and Angular 4 to its main technologies of JavaScript. We have achieved good results in building highly interactive, data-driven and well-structured interactive web and mobile applications using AngularJS.

The main domain experience of our developers is to build user interfaces for rich websites and create a single-page web application that responds using AngularJS. To take advantage of the best of AngularJS, hire the AngularJS developers from us today. We are proficient in the following services:


  • Development Angular JS consolidated with different server technologies like ASP.NET, JSP / JAVA, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Lasso, etc.
  • Web applications development
  • Interactive application. Development
  • AJAX Development
  • Custom application. Development
  • Development of the Portal
  • Content management tools
  • Electronic Commerce, Shopping Cart Development
  • Development of add-ons


Offshore Development at Ben-Solutions

We build enterprise-wide web, mobile and software platforms for businesses.

The applications we build use the latest cutting-edge web and mobile technologies, to help your business generate higher revenues. Our approach is to first understand the nitty-gritty of the core workings of your business model, prior to finalizing on a technology platform to execute the build. We thereafter endeavor to offer improvisations on existing business practices that can be scaled, leveraging the latest technology trends. Our Software Design Solutions being intuitively User-friendly set the trend for better ROI.

Ajax Web App Development

AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax web development services at Benayah Solutions are geared to facilitate quick page updates in an application, without the need for the page being reloaded repeatedly. Data is exchanged with the Server in small quantities, resulting in greater speeds and consequently a plus on Usability.


Ajax Web Development Benefits:

  • Small sized data exchanges between the Server and the Application.
  • Page transitions are minimal in the web application.
  • Enhances User-Friendly nature and Usability
  • Feature-rich Web pages.

Outsource Angular JS Application Development

Angular JS is an open-source web application framework from Google. Benayah Solutions has strong skills in the use of Angular JS to build your data-driven applications.

The Angular JS framework facilitates development and testing of single-page applications. The Angular JS framework is powerful for designing dynamic views in applications. The framework enables extending the HTML vocabulary, allowing for complex real-time interactive data-driven events.

Angular JS can be implemented in one of two flavors

Model-View-Controller – as in Presentation-Data-Logic

Model-View-ViewModel: for single page applications using components usually seen in rich Internet Applications. The business logic is handled by the client side.

Angular JS Development Benefits:

  • Scalable applications
  • Responsive
  • Quick to Build and Test
  • Lightweight yet Robust
  • Awesome User Experience
  • User-Friendly
  • Intuitive
  • Works seamlessly with the other libraries


Hire AngularJS Developers at Ben-Solutions

We have a dedicated Angular development team, skilled and experienced to build web and apps over the MVC framework. Being highly efficient, we use this platform to develop rich web apps to meet your specific business goals in the future.

Share and discuss your ideas with us, and benefit from our AngularJS web expertise.


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contact us for Outsourced Software Development using Angular JS.Build standardized, powerful, rich &structured Angular JS Applications.Implementing Two-way data binding using Angular JS enables data-related changes in the model to be immediately propagated to the corresponding views. Connecting Angular with MVC ensures that any changes in the view are immediately reflected in the underlying model and vice versa.

AngularJS is an ideal platform for building scalable applications that are lightweight, robust and mobile responsive.


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