Android App Development Company

Android App Development Company

Outsourcing App Development to Ben-Solutions – The Experience

Our Offshore App Developers at Android App Development Company have successfully developed optimized high-performance Android apps on OS releases right from Android Ice Cream Sandwich, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow to the latest Android Nougat

Outsourcing App Development to Ben-Solutions is a thrilling experience for our clients, as they watch their business ideas grow from planning to design, development, testing, and deployment. Every client’s requirement is well documented and reviewed, at the same we make it a point to keep our clients in the loop throughout the build phase of Android Application Development, consequently resulting in a level of trust and comradeship in the partnership. Being a remote engagement, we place a high level of importance on sincerity and integrity, so our clients never actually feel that work is being done overseas. We assure all our clients small and big the same attention and professionalism making Outsourcing App Development to India at Ben-Solutions a rewarding experience that would meet any client’s expectations.

The Offshore Android App Developers at Ben-Solutions carefully research and analyze every aspect of functionality the App build would expose, to ensure delivery of a highly optimized solution. Our Android development services backed by a team of skilled UI & UX designers and system architects will strategize to deliver your app build for rapidly changing business needs and technology to meet your strategic business objectives.

We guarantee that all Apps that roll off our production facility are built on scalable design patterns and rigorously tested to be robust in build, prior to final delivery. We promise to treat your App as our baby, providing support faithfully even after final delivery,


The most widely used mobile platform

The Android mobile operating system has grown exponentially with each release exposing a world-class development platform and an open marketplace for distribution, and development of applications that render high-performance graphics.  Multicore processing and emerging mobile technologies coupled with state-of-the-art sensors, and touchscreen communication have driven the Android platform to grow exponentially in user base and application development quality.

It is robust, powerful and on the whole less pricey, making it the most widely used mobile platform today. Relaxed Google Play Store policies too have added to its rise in popularity. Ben-solutions has emerged as a top-notch Android Application Development Outsourcing Company in Bangalore India. Our Android App Developers have worked on every feature the Android platform exposes and skillfully mastered harnessing the power behind the Android Operating System.


Android Development Framework Advantages

  • Ease of optimizing a single binary for phones, tablets, and other devices.
  • Allows using a single application model to deploy apps across multiple device types
  • Android offers tools to build apps that look cool and utilize the hardware capabilities of devices.
  • On each device. It automatically adapts your UI to look its best on each device, while giving you as much control as you want over your UI on different device types.
  • No separate storyboards – UI declarations in lightweight sets of XML, one for common form factors and others for specific device types. The appropriate resource sets are applied at runtime.
  • The Android Developer Tools offer a full Java IDE with advanced features for developing, debugging, and packaging Android apps.
  • The Java IDE can simulate virtual devices that emulate any hardware configuration.

Our Android App Development Service – In step with Android OS Evolution

  • Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • New – runtime permissions, Doze and App Standby power-saving features, new assistive technology, and more.
  • Android 7.0 Nougat

Brings to the table new features for security, performance, and productivity, and also for optimizing battery power usage and device memory. We take advantage of these features to build efficient Applications with multi-window UI, direct reply notifications and more.

  • Android 8.0  Oreo

New – Memory Killing, Trace log on app status, battery Optimization

Our Android team has kept abreast with successive OS release features on the Android platform, have taken advantage of all feature enhancements and implemented them in the Apps we deploy.


Why Opt for Android Application Development Services at Ben-solutions

We offer the best Android App Developers in the industry to build as per your specifications and maintain quality development practices that deliver standardized domain specific Apps.

With Offshore Android App Development Services at Ben-solutions offer:

  • Cost Effective & Timely Delivery
  • Client Confidentiality & Data/Innovation Idea Privacy
  • Top notch team of Android Developers & Business Analysts
  • We Analyze, Research &Document your App requirement
  • A client is always in the loop.
  • Robust, Scalable and Secure App Development Services
  • All deliverables pass through Quality Assurance
  • Certified Android Developer Team
  • Experience with all the versions of Android OS
  • Quick and Timely Delivery
  • We Guarantee Acceptance on Google Play store


Offshore Android Developers at Ben-Solutions are efficient professionals who have strong and deep knowledge of the platform and proven expertise in utilizing all the features the Android OS offers, having built Apps on various flavors of the Android Operating System as it has evolved over the years that work wonderfully well on all screen resolutions available on devices. We have built applications for the following domains:

Finance, Business, Security, E-commerce, Geo-location & Indoor Mapping, Healthcare

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Hire Android app developers from us and get the following Android App Development Services :

  • Android Game App Development Services
  • Android Multimedia App Development Services
  • Android Mobile App Development Services
  • Android SDK Apps Development Services
  • Android Business Apps Development Services
  • Custom Android App Development Services
  • Android Banking App Development Services
  • Enterprise Android App Development Services
  • Android M-commerce App Development Services
  • Android Social Media App Development Services
  • Android App Upgrades, Support and Maintenance, Testing


Your proposed app build may target the consumer market or business enterprise, we have the proficiency and experience to build rich Android apps at a sincerely competitive price.

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