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How our AngularJS developers can help?

Our team of AngularJS developers are proficient in designing and building dynamic single page applications (SPA) to give users a hassle-free desktop-like experience of sleek interactive websites. Hire AngularJS developer at Ben-solutionWe use programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build web applications. Our developers are capable of creating full-featured high-performance SPA like video streaming services for clients. They also take care of any bottleneck that arises during or after production of applications and also provides bug fixing services. Our developers can migrate an existing app to AngularJS platform.

Our Technical Skills

Our expert team of AngularJS developers at AngularJS Development Company have the prerequisite technical skills to use the open source, front-end JavaScript framework AngularJS in order to make sleek web applications for clients all over the world. Here are some of the technical skills possessed by our developers:

  • Have experience and knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Proficient in utilizing CSS precompilers like Sass and LESS.
  • Have the expertise to provide SEO solutions for SPAs.
  • Have knowledge about the platform, database, caching layer, API and many other web services used in AngularJS.
  • Have skills in documenting the code inline using JSDoc.
  • Have experience in writing unit tests using automated TDD tasks.
  • Have knowledge of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).
  • Have proficiency in working with JavaScript frameworks having JS-build tools like Grunt, Gulp, and Bower.

Why Hire Our Angular JS Developers?

Our team of AngularJS developers are specialized in working with AngularJS. They are known to provide AngularJS development services that give a competitive edge to the clients. Here are some of the reasons why you must hire our AngularJS developers:

  • Our team of developers are experienced enough to handle any kind of project related to AngularJS.
  • Our developers offer time bound delivery of projects and allow seamless communication.
  • We charge affordable rates through the quality of the services is never compromised.
  • In order to provide 100% reliability, our developers use best practices, code reviews, integration and frequent unit testing of the applications.
  • Our developers are versatile and flexible in adjusting to the needs and demands of the current market trends.


How our NodeJS developers can help?

Our team of NodeJS developers are responsible for writing code related to server-side web applications in JavaScript. We write codes which are reliable, efficient reusable and testable. Our team of experts are responsible for designing and creating low latency and high performance oriented applications. They also make sure the applications are fully secured and protected from bugs and other cyber threats. Our developers also build user-friendly UI and back-end services for managing payment processing services. Our team of experts works towards integration of data storage solutions.

Our Team’s Technical Skills

Our team of NodeJS developers comprises of members who are highly qualified and skillful. They have years of experience in this field of NodeJS.  It is their proficiency in handling this platform and their technical expertise is what that sets them apart. Here are some of the technical skills possessed by our NodeJS developers:

  • Have knowledge and proficiency with JavaScript.
  • Have experience with HTML, CSS, and AJAX.
  • Have expertise in the development of object-oriented JavaScript and SVG.
  • Have knowledge about the web stack which includes protocols and web server optimization techniques.
  • Have knowledge about web libraries and frameworks like AngularJs, Polymer, and Closure.
  • Have proficiency in the execution of automated testing platforms and unit tests.
  • Understands code versioning tools like Git.
  • Have knowledge of server-side template languages like Jade and EJS and server-side CSS Preprocessors like Stylus and Less.

Why should you hire our NodeJS developers?

  • Our developers have in-depth knowledge and experience in handling unforeseen situations like a security breach, application crashing, etc.
  • Our developers provide cost-effective reliable services.
  • They make sure the services are provided on time and within the budget accommodated at the start of any project.
  • Our developers allow clients to take an active part in the development process if they want so through our modern PMS and other communication technologies like messengers and video chats.
  • Our experts are capable of load balancing of various NodeJS applications and controlling framework flow of NodeJS.
  • We are proficient in working on a single-thread that supports huge concurrent connections.

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