Hire Our Developers

IOS Developer

Our iOS developers are highly adept at creating and designing advanced applications for the iOS platform. We will perform unit-testing code for the applications to enhance the robustness, effectiveness and its general reliability. Our developers also work on bug fixing and look for ways to improve the performance of the applications.We are capable of collaborating with other departmental teams of engineers and developers to define, build and design next generation features to the iOS applications. Our team of experts continuously work towards providing innovative ideas and implementation of state of the art technologies.

Android Developer

Our Android developers are proficient in designing and wire framing those into extraordinary codes for creating applications of pure quality for Android platform. Our developers ensure that the applications maintain high performance and quality. Our team of experts are adept in building Android applications tailored to meet the needs of the public in the present world. They make sure the services they have provided to their clients are fully functional 24×7 by identifying and fixing the bugs. The code developed by our developers are reliable and the quality of the codes never drops.

Windows App Developer

Our Windows developers’ team are well read in the world of Windows. They develop, design new applications for Windows phone and Windows PCs running different versions of Windows OS from Windows XP to Windows 10. They also provide innovative ideas about applications to the clients to give them the competitive edge over rivals. Our developers’ team provide solutions for any sort of logjam in running the Windows applications and also fixes bugs. They work on improvisation of the existing applications using new technologies.

PHP Developer

Our PHP developers develop programs and subsequently applications and websites using the dynamic scripting language PHP. Our developers mainly manage back-end services and the transferring of data between the server and the users. We make sure that the performance and the responsiveness level of requests from the front end do not dip. We continuously work towards the development of server side logic and maintenance of the central database. We collaborate with other departments to integrate the front end elements of an application build by them.

Angular/Node JS Developer

Angular JS

Our proficient team of AngularJS developers are proficient in designing and building dynamic single page applications (SPA) to give users a hassle free desktop like experience of sleek interactive websites. Our developers’ use programming languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS to build web applications. Our developers are capable of creating full-featured high-performance SPA like video streaming services for clients. They also take care of any bottleneck that arises during or after production of applications and also provides bug fixing services. Our developers can migrate any existing app to AngularJs platform.

Node JS

Our team of NodeJs developers are responsible for writing code related to server side web applications in JavaScript. We write codes which are reliable, efficient reusable and testable. Our team of experts are responsible for designing and creating low latency and high performance oriented applications. They also make sure the applications are fully secured and protected from bugs and other cyber threats. Our developers also build user-friendly UI and back end services for managing payment processing services. Our team of experts work towards integration of data storage solutions.

Java Developer

The Java Developers working for us write Java based source codes to create applications and websites as desired by clients. Our developers collaborate with web designers, web developers and software engineers to integrate Java into clients’ websites and applications. Our men also conduct software analysis and testing of the source codes from time to time. They are specialized in debugging and differentiating between production and non-production application issues. Our developers also test, implement and maintain applications software. Our team continuously works to improve the existing system by incorporating latest technologies.

.Net Developer

Our MS.NET developers at Ben-Solutions provide an array of services from ASP.NET Web Development services, .NET Desktop Application Development Services to .NET Integration Services and .NET Application Migration. Our developers translate application storyboards and utilize cases into functional applications. They are responsible for building efficient reusable codes and maintaining the performance of the applications throughout its use. Our .NET developers are responsible for building multi-tier custom application designs. We also continuously work with the clients to provide security solutions and identify other bottlenecks.