Ways to ContractWays to Contract

BENAYAH SOLUTIONS will execute a given project either as a (a) Fixed bid or (b) Time & Expense, or provide (c) Dedicated Resources, as need be, on a project by project basis.

(a) Fixed Bid

For a fixed bid project, after Benayah Solutions has received the complete requirements from DSP, BENAYAH SOLUTIONS will submit a quote for the project specifying the cost and delivery date. Once the quote is accepted, BENAYAH SOLUTIONS will commence work on the project. The payment schedule shall be agreed upon, mutually by the Client and BENAYAH SOLUTIONS, depending on the size of the project, on a project-by-project basis.

(b) Time & Expense

For a time and expense project, BENAYAH SOLUTIONS will charge:

  • A fixed cost per man hour for software design and development services
  • BENAYAH SOLUTIONS will invoice for services provided on a monthly basis giving details of tasks worked upon and hours spent.

(c) Dedicated Resources

For one or more full-time, dedicated resources, BENAYAH SOLUTIONS will charge:

  • A fixed cost per month, based on the number of resources, skill level, the complexity of work, etc.
  • BENAYAH SOLUTIONS will invoice at the start of each month.
  • The client will provide uninterrupted work input for BENAYAH SOLUTIONS team.