JavaScript Development Services

JavaScript Development Services


We are a JavaScript web application development company in India that offers end-to-end JavaScript development services to our customers. Being one of the leading JavaScript Web Application Development Companies in India, Ben-Solutions provides expert javaScript development services for your business. We are “one-stop” offshore JavaScript web application development company to realize your complex project requirements.

Outsource JavaScript web application development services and get custom JS Web applications with intuitive site architecture, clear structure, and easily recognizable links. Our experienced  JavaScript developers in India have access to the most progressive tools and technologies.

JavaScript development allows the creation of highly dynamic and responsive websites that are very similar to desktop applications in terms of processing speed and load time.


Our JavaScript programmers have a good experience and knowledge in creating fast solutions and applications in JavaScript that supports technologies and databases. The experience of Ben-Solutions in different technologies has been generated in the course of delivering numerous JavaScript projects for our clients in different parts of the world. Some of the technologies/methodologies that we have acquired experience are the following:

  • Core JavaScript
  • jQuery/JSON
  • Microsoft AJAX(aka) ASP.NET Ajax Version 4
  • Server Side JavaScript Framework: Node.JS
  • Javascript Frameworks without UI: JQuery, BackboneJS, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, RequireJS
  • Javascript Frameworks with UI: JQuety UI, Ext.JS, DOJO, Telerik UI


What to Build With JavaScript

Our JavaScript and jQuery experts are ready to help you build the desired design of your business application in order to meet the exact requirements and scope of your JavaScript web development project. Our JavaScript web development services at Java Software Development Outsourcing Services company include:

  • Custom plug-ins;
  • Version migration and cross-browser verification;
  • Proper JavaScript frameworks that meet your needs;
  • Taylor test suites;
  • Various dynamic effects, such as drop-down menus, slideshows, image and menu rollovers, news scrollers, embedded audio and video, toggle buttons, text collapsing and expanding widgets;
  • Stunning rollover effects, animations, carousels, data grid behaviors, flash charts, bookmark integrations, paginations, sliders, chat applications and real-time tracking applications;
  • Integration with different plugins for CMS and e-commerce applications;
  • Validation of data inputted by users on website forms;
  • Calculators and data processing generators for real-time business calculations: loans, payments, mortgages and shopping carts;
  • Calendars and interactive event notification widgets, that are carried out through the use of PHP combined with JavaScript (Ajax);
  • CSS manipulations, which means adding a lot of flexibility to your web app design;
  • App prototypes, JavaScript is a great choice for developing business MVP without wasting resources.

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