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What is custom software application development?

Custom Software Development is the design of software applications to automate a specific task or process for a specific user or group of users. Such software is designed to meet your specific custom needs, as opposed to software that can be procured off the shelf. At Custom Software Development Company, bespoke software is built in accordance with a defined specification for a business entity by a third party by contract or by an internal group of developers and is not packaged for resale.

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The custom software development services offering at Ben-Solutions is geared to build any business process workflow software or any product idea that justifies bespoke development. We are well established in the realms of web and mobile platforms. Recently we have also broken into development on Block Chain technology the backbone of the famed cryptocurrency.

Our clients comprise mid to large-scale organizations and start-ups that have a business or technology idea. The start-ups are supported by helping build a proof of concept, thereafter funding is availed to build the product and market. Our custom software development services include the development of product development, enterprise web and mobile applications, database solutions for web-based applications, and e-commerce and content management solutions.

At Ben-Solutions, the strong and thorough knowledge of technology and its components and software environments and tools ensure your custom software needs are delivered to meet clients expectations.

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Benefits of Custom Software Development

Designing an application keeping in perspective the needs of your organization implies a greater efficiency and higher level of productivity as known bottlenecks in the workflow can be addressed to resolution. The benefit of the custom software is that it offers custom software features not available in the off-the-shelf software.

If you have a software application designed to increase productivity or meet an internal need, the cost of the software is offset by the promise of greater efficiency. If your organization has a unique need to justify custom software, then building a custom solution in place of a standard off-the-shelf application becomes an intelligent course of action.

Bespoke Software Development has been proven to return drastically higher Returns on Investments and translate to employee and business efficiency.

Ben-solutions the Best Custom Software Development Company offers powerful top-notch software development services, designed to meet the unique demands of a client’s requirements. Our experts know the technology and tools to deliver successful solutions that match your specified requirements at a mutually agreed time and cost. Our custom software development services are supported by our unmatched commitment, maintenance, and support services. Scalable architecture designs that we implement, enable your application to grow with your business needs. At Ben-Solutions, we not only create custom software but create real-time solutions for your business problems. We have walked this road successfully and our client testimonials support our claim.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we will be happy to assist you in each and every stage of the software development lifecycle: from conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping to developing and deploying a robust and scalable working solution.


Custom software development company


Customer satisfaction has always been at the top of our priorities. Make the most of the years of experience that our experts have gathered in the industry. Prior to embarking on any given bespoke web application development service, our experts will understand the nature of your business and your goals. Following a detailed analysis of the requirements of your business, we will formulate an effective development plan that is documented as a requirement specification using proven technology paradigms. At Ben-solutions our custom software development services are committed to helping you automate all your business workflow processes.

Make your presence on the web the first step to reach your customers and boost your business.

Ben-solutions is a leading Custom Software Development Company, wherein the custom application development services we offer are built on latest technology trends and will help you leverage your business USPs to strategize, market and grow your business. Our software professionals put to use their extensive technical skills and experience, to design a capable, extensible and bug-free platform to face the challenges of the business and stay at the forefront of your competitors with a decisive edge

We offer customized software development services on most popular platforms like PHP, Java, JavaScript Technologies like AngularJS and NodeJS, and the iOS and Android mobile platforms.


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